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Ensuring favorable and reliable conditions in 1win is achieved with the help of a developed privacy policy. This document reflects the main reasons for and methods of processing private details, as well as the rights of customers concerning this.

Taking into account the changes taking place in the world of gambling and in particular in the legislation on the confidentiality of information, the company may sometimes correct, supplement or replace certain provisions. Each client will be notified of this in advance by e-mail.

Privacy Policy of 1Win India website

Data and accumulation methods

While on the 1win Aviator website and using the services, the organization receives and analyzes facts about customers. First of all, it is necessary for personal identification, which is determined by security measures. Depending on the collection method, personal details may be included in certain groups:

  • Self-fill. In this situation, private facts are obtained from customer-filled forms and questionnaires. Typically, these data relate to the primary identification of the user as an individual, by his name, place of residence, and date of birth. Also, the organization can thus obtain contacts to communicate with the player.
  • Automatic collection. This method allows you to know the preferences of the players, as it determines their locations, the device used, the type of browser and its language, and other technical features.
  • Additional methods. This group includes data obtained from third parties such as service or payment providers. This is necessary for maximum personalization of services and products.
How 1Win collects player data from India

Legal bases of the policy

1win conducts this privacy policy for lawful purposes only. The main grounds for collecting and processing facts are as follows:

  • Compliance with contractual obligations between the player and the bookmaker. Each client enters into an agreement with the institution for the provision of services, money transactions, and so on.
  • As an officially registered and legal gambling establishment, 1win must comply with legal requirements. This concerns the fight against money laundering, the financing of terrorism, and other crimes.
  • Some interests of the organization are directly related to the private details of the players. This can help the institution improve its operations, learn about the preferences of the players and improve the efficiency of the services provided.
Legality of 1Win website for users from India

Application of information

In accordance with the above grounds, the bookmaker uses the private details of users as follows:

  • Determination of the client’s activity for legality, that is, whether he has reached the age of 18, whether he is a resident of a permitted jurisdiction, and so on.
  • Fulfillment of legal obligations. For example, providing data about players if they are under investigation or requests have been made from law enforcement agencies.
  • Customer support by solving technical, payment, and other issues related to the operation of services.
  • Testing and implementation of new technologies in the activities of the bookmaker, by studying the experience and preferences of customers.
  • Providing a safe environment for all users and reducing the risk of fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activities.
  • Monitor client activity for responsible gaming.
How 1Win use their players data

Data transfer

Under this agreement, there are situations in which 1win may or must transfer private information about customers. This may only be disclosed to:

  • Enterprises from the group of companies 1win.
  • Providers of services and products that keep an organization alive.
  • Law enforcement and other government agencies.
  • Partners of the bookmaker, thanks to which new users are attracted.
  • Other persons with the consent of the client.
About the transfer of personal information of 1Win players

Safe environment

Although the main part of politics is to obtain and analyze the facts, security guarantees are also important for the private details of clients. In this case, a number of steps are taken:

  • All customer information is encrypted during storage, transmission, and copying.
  • Only a limited part of 1win employees has access to and works with private user details.
  • The organization uses powerful tools to help ensure network security.
  • The data centers are under strong physical control, including the presence of security personnel, surveillance, and constant checking of visit logs.
Reliability of the 1Win website - security guarantees


Customers can contact customer service at any time regarding privacy policy. These can be requests regarding private data, as well as complaints about the operation of the policy.

Users should email their request to support@1win.xyz. After that, the staff will review the application and give a response within a reasonable time. Keep in mind that an organization may require verification of a customer’s identity before proceeding with a request.

How to contact 1Win support - methods