1Win Aviator Background

1Win Aviator Best Strategies and Tricks

1Win Aviator is a popular crash game in India. It is based on the use of a random number generator. That is what makes the game so attractive and engrossing. Everybody can start playing it on an Android-supported device, iPhone, or PC. Its outcomes do not depend on the player’s skills. But there are strategies and 1Win Aviator tricks that can increase his winning chances.

About Aviator Strategies on 1Win India

Look at Tips to increase your winning chances

To obtain the best results in gambling, a gamer may use the 1Win Aviator tricks. Even though Aviator is a game of chance, a player can impact the winning probability by following simple but efficient recommendations. To name a few tips, a player should:

  • Know the rules of the game, its functionality, and all the features to improve his gambling experience and get the most out of the gameplay. The rules can be found directly on the game page. There is “How to play” in its header;
  • Analyze the results of other players whose outcomes are displayed in the statistics, ask questions via live chat, and take part in discussions when someone shares his opinions;
  • Learn the statistics of previous odds. If the odds were low within several rounds in succession, there is a strong possibility that high odds are starting to appear. However, this cause-and-effect Aviator game trick does not always work;
  • Start with small amounts to place bets and cash out at a low multiplier. This 1Win Aviator strategy helps a player increase his winning chances to a significant percentage and reduce losses if they still happen;
  • Manage the bankroll by setting a limit on losses. A gambler may find it challenging to interrupt when it is time because they are enjoying the thrill of the race. That is why it is vital to take security measures, build up a thought-out gaming budget, and understand that gambling is entertainment that should be fun but not addictive;
  • Benefit from the “Auto” option that allows him to cash out automatically. As a result, this 1Win Aviator trick helps a player avoid emotions related to the decision-making process.
Tips for aviator 1Win players - how to win

1Win Aviator Strategies for Indian players

In addition to the above basic principles that should be followed, a gambler can use any 1Win Aviator strategy or test all of them to choose the most appropriate system that suits his particular level of risk tolerance:

  • There are players who prefer to take less risk when betting;
  • The others want to maximize their winnings at any cost.

It is clear that the playing styles of these two groups differ. Below, the strategies for both of them are described.

Types of strategies for online aviator on 1Win
One Bet Strategy 1Win Aviator

One bet strategy

The Aviator’s gameplay allows a user to place a bet and two bets simultaneously. When a player just starts playing this crash game, he’d better concentrate on one bet, watch the multiplier grow, and cash out at the best possible moment. The “One bet” Aviator game winning strategy allows for both low and high odds, depending on the round. It is only about the more accurate player’s focus on the gameplay.

Minimum bet 1Win Aviator Strategy

Minimum bet 1Win Aviator Strategy

If a player places small bets for a long time, he has a high chance of winning a quite solid accumulated prize. He can try to wait for high odds to get larger prizes, but in this way, he takes higher risks of losing. Still, the lost amount will not be significant enough to impact the bankroll. This Aviator winning strategy is a good choice for those who do not have a lot of money but want to have fun and still make some profit.

1Win Aviator Betting at reasonable odds

Betting at reasonable odds

The Aviator game offers an odds history that is displayed in real time just over the playing field. A player can look at the coefficients and find the most frequent low range for the period. Commonly, it is from 2x to 3x. Then, he should place a bet and cash out immediately after a 3x multiplier has been reached. The chances that he will win are very high. In this case, the winning prize does not impress. But the higher the bet value, the higher the profit. Also, fewer lost rounds compared to betting at higher odds will compensate for the gap if a player places bets for a long time using this strategy.

High Odds and Risk of 1Win Aviator

High Odds and Risk

This 1Win Aviator game strategy is for those who can afford to lose but want to win a lot. The developer of the Aviator game declares that there are almost no limits for the Aviator odds, mentioning the 1,000,000x level for the largest coefficient possible. But, as evidence suggests, the most frequent high odds are about 200x. And even in this case, it does not happen every day. So, if a player wants to win within a couple of hours, he’d better refuse the cap multiplier and cash out in favor of lower ones. Still, the minimum should be 10x. Apply this strategy if you have a large budget.

How to win in 1Win Aviator?

Any Aviator casino game strategy and all the above tips are very helpful and can be considered by all players. To get engaged even more, learn the systems that require more effort and patience to follow, but they are worth it. They can become powerful tools if they are applied correctly.

Every 1Win Aviator strategy frequently used in gambling is described below in detail, which will help a player get the gist of any system that he chooses.


Probably, it is the simplest 1Win Aviator strategy that can bring a large winning prize after numerous lost rounds. It can be tried by those players who can afford a large bankroll.

The Martingale Aviator strategy is considered a negative progressive system that is applied to any game where the outcome is based on a 1 in 2 chance. When using it, a player is expected to double the amount of his bet after each loss.


  • If the first bet amounting to 20 INR is lost, the second bet should be 40 INR; if it is lost, too, the third one should be 80 INR;
  • If the third bet is placed at a multiplier of 2x and a player wins, he will get 80 INR x 2 = 160 INR;
  • The total amount of his losses is 60 INR (20 INR plus 40 INR);
  • Thus, the prize is high enough to exceed the previous losses and bring a profit equal to 160 minus 20 minus 40 minus 80 = 20 INR.

Aviator is a fair game with frequent winning outcomes. Actually, almost every round can bring a winning prize if a player cashes out at a very low multiplier. But to win more, take the risk of missing an opportunity to withdraw while a plane is flying. Then, you can benefit from the Martingale 1Win Aviator strategy that is popular among gamblers all over the world.

How to play Aviator by Martingale at 1Win


The Fibonacci strategy is based on the use of the Fibonacci numbers, making a row where every further number is the sum of the two preceding ones: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and so on. It is very popular among gamblers.

The concept of this 1Win Aviator strategy is the calculation of a bet value for the next round. Every next bet will amount to the product of his initial bet and the sum of the two previous numbers in the row. The details do matter. If a player loses, he should add an additional number to the Fibonacci sequence. If a gambler wins a round, he should subtract two numbers from this sequence.


  • A player places his first bet of 5 INR;
  • The sequence for the start is 0, 1;
  • If he loses, the sequence is 0, 1, 1, and he should continue placing a bet of 10 INR (5 INR x (1+1));
  • If he loses again, the sequence is 0, 1, 1, 2, and he should continue placing a bet of 15 INR (5 INR x (1+2));
  • If he loses again, the sequence is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, and he should continue placing a bet of 25 INR (5 INR x (2+3));
  • If he wins, the sequence is 0, 1, 1, and he should continue placing a bet of 10 INR (5 INR x (1+1)), and so on.
Fibonacci strategy for the aviator 1Win


The D’Alembert system is good for those who want to keep their bankroll under strict control. It can be considered a conservative negative progression system that provides a player with small winning prizes. However, it allows the user to reduce losses.

The concept of this 1Win Aviator strategy is extremely simple. A player increases the amount of his bet when he loses and decreases it when he wins. Thus, if he wins after a loss, his increased bet value will cover the previous loss. And when he refuses to continue with high bets, he manages the bankroll, avoiding significant losses.


  • If a player places a bet equal to 20 INR and wins, he continues with the same amount.
  • When he loses a round, he increases the initial value and bets 40 INR.
  • If he loses again, he adds the initial value to the previous amount and bets 60 INR.
  • If he wins, he decreases 60 INR by 20 INR and places a bet equal to 40 INR, and so on.
What need to know about D'Alembert's strategy for Aviator 1Win

Labouchere System

The Labouchere system is also known as the split Martingale system. In this 1Win Aviator strategy, any positive numbers are used, and a player’s losses are supposed to be covered by his multiple wins instead of a single one (like in Martingale).

The concept is not as simple, but still, everybody can comprehend it. A player can take any sequence of positive numbers. He should predetermine the amount that he wants to win, and it should be equal to the sum of all the numbers in the row.

Then, he should place a bet equal to the sum of the first and last numbers in the row. If he wins, he removes these first and last numbers and continues with the first and last numbers of the remaining row. If only one number remains, he places a bet amounting to that number. If he loses, he adds the value of the lost bet to the end of the row and continues following the above mechanism.

Labouchere strategy for Aviator players at 1Win Casino


  • The row of positive numbers is 1, 2, 3;
  • A gambler places a bet equal to the sum of “1” and 3,” which is 4;
  • He wins and removes “1” and “3” from the row;
  • The row of positive numbers is 2;
  • He places a bet equal to 2;
  • He loses and adds the amount of his previous bet to the row (2, 2);
  • He places a bet equal to 4 (2+2);
  • He loses again, and the row becomes 2, 2, 4;
  • He places his next bet equal to 6 (2 + 4), and so on.
Example of Aviator betting in 1Win on Labouchere System


Actually, there are more strategies that can be used when playing crash games like Aviator or Lucky Jet. You can try any of them and enhance your gambling experience. The ones described above are the most popular. It is important not to forget about the mentioned 1Win Aviator tricks, as they can greatly impact the outcome. But whatever is used, a player cannot guess the final. Any 1Win Aviator strategy or recommendation is not able to guarantee the winnings as a random number generator is unpredictable.

Summary of aviator strategies for 1Win players


Can I be sure that I will win playing Aviator more often if I use the Martingale system?

Can I be sure that I will win playing Aviator more often if I use the Martingale system?

You can be sure that the Martingale 1Win Aviator strategy will help you cover your losses if you place bets at reasonable odds.

Can I use a hack to win Aviator for sure?

Can I use a hack to win Aviator for sure?

You can use it. However, the 1Win team does not recommend doing it, as it is impossible to predict the outcome of the Aviator game. Hacking software can contain viruses and be harmful to your device. You’d better find the Aviator best strategy that suits your purposes.

When is better: the “One bet” 1Win Aviator strategy or the “Two bets” option?

When is better: the “One bet” 1Win Aviator strategy or the “Two bets” option?

Both 1Win Aviator tricks are good for various purposes. The former is better for beginners and allows for concentration on the game session. The latter is good for more experienced players who can make decisions quickly.

Can I lose more bets than I win when playing Aviator and still make a profit?

Can I lose more bets than I win when playing Aviator and still make a profit?

Yes, you can. Try the Labouchere 1Win Aviator strategy. But you should be aware of the risks, as there are no guarantees about the result you are waiting for. You should refuse to use this system if you suffer from a long-term losing cycle. However, if you place bets at low odds, the risk almost vanishes.

Can I play 1Win Aviator on the go in India?

Can I play 1Win Aviator on the go in India?

Yes, you can. Just install the 1Win Aviator app. The software, which is of a rather small size, takes up little space. The download links for iOS and Android are available on the 1Win official website.

What is the RTP of the crash game if I do not use the Aviator strategy?

What is the RTP of the crash game if I do not use the Aviator strategy?

The Aviator RTP is 97%. This is a fair casino game that allows for frequent winnings.